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tv   CBS Evening News  CBS  January 19, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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al forces stormed a remote natural gas complex where hundreds of workers have been held captive. algerian officials say 2300s are dead, including one american. 32 militants are reported to have been killed. charlie d'agata has more on this still-unfolding story. >> reporter: these hostages were able to escape from the gas plant before algerian special forces launched their final assault. state media reported that a number of foreign hostages survived, including at least two americans, but in the chaos it's not yet possible to get the exact figures. u.s. military aircraft evacuated some survivors to a nato airbase in sicily. pictures of the siege show gunmen rounding up hostages. this b.p. worker says terrorists told him "you have nothing to do with this. you're algerians and muslims. we only want the foreigners." b.p. chief executive bob dudley said 14 of its 18 foreign
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employees at the plant were safe. >> we are not able to confirm the circumstances of four of our employees. tragically, we gravely fear that we will be seeing fatalities fatalities from this group. >> reporter: algerian troops discovered a cache of heavy machine guns, rocket launchers, and grenades. hostages said the explosives were wired around their necks. local media have identified this man, abdul rahman al-nigeri, as the leader of the attack. he's a lieutenant of mokhtar belmokhtar, head of an al qaeda-linked group based in north africa. the aljean state oil company running the plant said the attackers had the entire refinery booby trapped and it would be days before the clearing out process is complete. charlie d'agata, cbs news london. >> axelrod: now to the story about the football star and his online girlfriend who turned out not to exist at all. notre dame linebacker manti te'o has now broken his silence and
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dean reynolds is in south bend indiana, to bring us up to date. good evening, dean. >> reporter: justifying, jim. well this story is raising more questions by the the day despite the efforts by manti te'o and notre dame to explain what happened. asked by espn last night but without cameras role, whether he was involved in some kind of scam te'o said no never. not ever would i be part of this. a follow-up on whether he was duped at the start but played along at the end was answered, "no." so as this 21-year-old academic all-american explains it, he thought his online girlfriend was real thought it was her he was speaking to on the phone for hours on end, even listening to gasps from her sick bed. thought she had died from leukemia last september. in the interview, te'o said a fellow samow an admitted to pranking him though that does
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not explain why he was still talking about his dead girlfriend even after being told it was all a hoax. while te'o remains at a football training facility in florida, the campus here in south bend is left to wonder. >> you don't want to see some great guy turn out to be a big joke, so i'd really like to believe that he is telling the truth. >> reporter: the university which says it conducted an investigation that showed te'o to have been duped, has stopped talking about it. >> from the out set, we established a parameter that this was manti's story to tell. >> reporter: now, ultimately the fallout from this may continue, jim, because manti te'o's poor performance at the b.c.s. championship game together with this weird polynesian plot to embarrass him, has reportedly given some nfl scouts second thought about drafting him. >> axelrod: dean thanks very much. three dayses after president
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obama unveiled his gun control proposals, opponents staged rallies in buffalo, new york, and other cities around the country today. organizers of the so-called "guns across america" event hoip to block any new federal gun laws through local legislation. since 1998, the f.b.i. has maintained a database of people legally prohibited from buying guns from felons to the menltally ill. but many states have been slow to report the names of their mentally ill residents. since the newtown shootings however, there is signs that is changing. here's john bentley. >> reporter: despite four years in a pennsylvania mental hospital, emmanuel nzambi was able to buy a gun in that state. he used it to kill mary moola. brian perry was nzambi's attorney. >> any person who has been involuntarily committed to an in-patient mental health facility should not have the tiebility purchase a handed gun period. >> reporter: perry believes the shooting could have been
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prevented if pennsylvania had reported nzambi's name to the federal database established by law in 1998. >> he's a perfect example of somebody who slipped through the cracks. >> reporter: for the past 15 years, the state of pennsylvania collected the names of seriously mentally ill residents but never sent that information to the federal government. just this month, though, the state police sent 642,000 such names to the f.b.i. >> it protects pennsylvanians, and it also protects people from other state. >> reporter: pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane said states need clearer guidelines on who should be on the list. >> we all have different definitions of mental illness and we need to get those all on the same track. >> reporter: but eight states are not submitting any names. one of them is massachusetts. >> this is a place where public safety trumps any possible privacy right. >> reporter: massachusetts state representative davidlinsky is working on a law to get his state to report its names.
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>> these are people who have been committed by a judge into a state mental health facility because they are a danger to themselves or to other people in want community. >> reporter: 1.8 million people are banned from buying guns for mental health reasons, a number bound to grow as more states comply with federal guidelines. john bentley, cbs news harrisburg, pennsylvania. pennsylvania. >> axelrod: we have a stunning scene to share. a politician was addressing a conference in bull areaia when a gunman tried to shoot pim help the attacker pulled the trigger twice but the gun misfired. turning to washington where president barack obama will begin his success term at noon tomorrow. on the eve of this inauguration his approval rating stands at 51%, according to the latest cbs news/"new york times" poll. just 10 months ago it was 41%. the lowest of his presidency.
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his high was in april of 2009 68%. bill plante is at the white house for us tonight. >> reporter: as workers put the finishing touches on the presidential reviewing stand in front of the white house, the president and first lady freshened up some bookcases at an elementary school in washington, d.c. >> everyone here, adults to children, understand the importance of giving back. >> the vice president and joe biden joined volunteers packing care boxes for american service members. they were all taking part in the national day of service dedicated to the memory of dr. martin luther king celebrated on monday the same day as the ceremonial inauguration. the president will be officially sworn in tomorrow, the day specified by the constitution. president obama will swear the oath of office with his hand on two bibles, one used by abraham lincoln at his inauguration in
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1861, and the other a bible which belonged to dr. king. the first covered in velvet and trimmed with gold was loned to lincoln by supreme court clerk william thomas carroll. a seal inside the cover marks the occasion. in the king bible, king noted the dates of sermons he had given. bernice king the youngest of his four children said it was his fawct's traveling bible. >> he used it to study and meditate, not just to speak and preach but just to prepare himself to be able to lead. >> reporter: in a video released by the inaugural committee, president obama calls the lincoln and king bibles a fitting choice. >> their actions, the movements they represented are the only reason that it's possible for me to be inaugurated. >> reporter: turns out that five other presidents have also used two bibles at their swearing in. typically one family wiebl and another of historical significance.
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eisenhower carter, and george h.w. bush all used george washington's inaugural bible which belonged to the first president's masonic lodge. jim. >> axelrod: bill, thanks very much. later, lance armstrong, manti te'o, and the risk of calling sports stars heroes. the air force band tuning up for the inauguration. and the housing market on the the rebound in a place where it had once been left for dead. those stories when the cbs evening news continues. look, if you have copd like me you know it can be hard to breathe, and how that feels. copd includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema. spiriva helps control my copd symptoms by keeping my airways open for 24 hours. plus, it reduces copd flare-ups. spiriva is the only once-daily inhaled copd maintenance treatment that does both. spiriva handihaler tiotropium bromide inhalation powder
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news, azusa, california. >> axelrod: the earl of baltimore has died. earl weaver took the baltimore orals to four world series winning once. weaver got thrown out of 98 games during his career. he once said his tombstone would read "the sorest and is suspected in a fire in boston last week. there are more signs the housing market is recovering. the government reported this week that construction was up more than 12% in december to the highest level in four years. carter evans reports from los angeles, california is leading the comeback. >> really pretty. >> i know, it's looking really good. >> reporter: erin and dino omens just bought their dream home. >> just felt like the economy was starting to turn and at the same time, the interest rates kept getting lower and lower.
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that created a sense of urgency. >> reporter: they are hardly alone. at this development east of los angeles, sales have tripled over the last year. they're now selling homes faster than they can build them. >> this community is hoppin''. there's a lot of activity. >> reporter: real estate agent rose broghamer says it's a stark contrast to the scene here five years ago when the real estate boom went bust. there was a period where this was kind of like a ghost town. >> that's a really good word for it. it was very desolate. i did a lot of short sales helped a lot of people move out of their homes, out of their dream homes and had nowhere to put them. >> reporter: and now it's exactly the opposite. >> absolute. now we're seeing it come full circle. >> reporter: and then some. >> this is our master bedroom. >> reporter: the omens haven't even furnished their four-bedroom home with a view but they've already been approached by people asking. >> are you interested in selling? i go "you have to talk to my wife." >> and i say, "let's move in
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first." >> reporter: timing is everything. if they had purchased this same home for more money at a much higher interest rate five years ago. >> it would have been foreclosed, there's no question. >> that could have been us. >> we were right there. >> reporter: now instead of being victims of the housing crunch... how does that make you feel about your decision and your investment? >> secure. >> great. >> lived." early weaver was 82. we celebrate their glories, but worshiping athletes as heroes off the field for what they do risky business. that's next. we had a great spot not easy to find, but worth it. but with copd making it hard to breathe i thought those days might be over. so my doctor prescribed symbicort. it helps significantly improve my lung function starting within five minutes. symbicort doesn't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden symptoms. with symbicort, today i'm breathing better. and that on! symbicort is for copd including
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you get that money back. call 1-800-orencia. rivetting week of public confession from lance armstrong. last night oprah winfrey broadcast the second half of an interview with armstrong admitted he did use performance-enhancing drugs and then lied about it. armstrong described when he had to come clean to his 11-year-old twin daughters and 13-year-old son. >> i said, "if anybody says anything to you--" they're going to see this. "some kid says something do not defend me. just say 'hey my dad said he was sorri'."
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>> axelrod: armstrong joins a long list of athletes whose polished image hero gave way to the reality of their human failures. with armstrong and manti te'o in the headlines we sat down with "new york times" sports columnist william rhoden. >> lance armstrong was a tremendously flawed person from the beginning. and i think this is the vestage of our wanting this great american hero. there is just something we're addicted to that. >> axelrod: why do americans insist on their sports figures being heroes? >> i guess because we know that we're limited, and we're always looking for people and things that express the great possibility gliment noble, the brave. >> right right. and sports is a great metaphor for that. when we were a young country emerging country you need these kind of mythical figures.
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back then, you upon know, in the 20s and 30s and 40s we didn't really know anything about people, and that's the screft heroism. the less you know, the bigger the hero they can be. >> axelrod: when the manti te'o story broke, were you surprised? >> no. the cynical part of me was not surprised because it is such a bizarre story. what are they trying to coverun? what are they trying to hide? >> axelrod: but the idea that there was another side to this hero. that didn't surprise you? >> uh, like i said, i've kind of got to the point now where there's nobody that too soon good to be true. >> axelrod: but in our culture ydo we have such trouble dividing the line between the heroic act and the hero? >> that's a great question. because we haven't done that. a guy rushes into a burning building and saves 50 people and comes out. two weeks later, we find out
6:21 pm
this guy beats his wife. well, that does not detract from that heroic act. displim but he's not a hero. >> but before before we say joe blow is a hero. what i say is no. people perform heroic acts. there are heroic moments. that's it. but to go-- to take that leap from there and that's what we do, particularly in sports-- we take that moment and make naan existence. we make that the person. and then we become disappointed when we find out guess what? this guy is just like me. >> axelrod: what you're saying is bill that it's very risky lewisbusiness to instill in any human being super-human qualities even if they can do extraordinary things on an athletic field. >> that's it. if you're a great running back year great running back. that's it. >> axelrod: "new york times" sports columnist william rhoden. still ahead meet the music man who will be marching with the air force band at the inaugural
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>> axelrod: we end tonight with a look ahead to the inaugural parade. chip reid has the story of a saxophonist marching to the beat of his own drummer and the drummer hoping to follow in the sax player's footsteps.
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>> reporter: the united states air force band has spent months rehearsing for monday's inaugural parade. making sure those famous john philip sousa march los angeles pitch perfect. sergeant grant langford has played saxophone in the band for five years. this will be his second inauguration. >> nothing is more patriotic than marching and playing souza. as soon as the crowd hearing it you hear the cheers because people know that that's-- you know, that's the american almost theme song. >> reporter: this will be the band's 16th inaugural parade, the first was for harry truman in 1949. how hard was it to get in the band? >> it's an audition process, and it's very competitive. >> reporter: a new member can join only if someone leaves or retires, unlike most military assignments, this one is permanent. before joining the air force, langford spent eight years playing with top jazz bands
6:26 pm
including the count basey orchestra. he even recorded a christmas album with tony bennett. why did you make the change gimade the change because it was-- it was a great opportunity to, you know, continue my musicianship and to play and to serve the country. >> reporter: sergeant langford also serves his community, volunteering in an air force mentoring program with 11-year-old dontrell parson. what's it like mentoring dontrell? >> as you can see it's a joy. >> i just like the way his style is and he's a great guy so, everything seems simple when he's talking to me. >> reporter: do you want to follow in his footsteps? >> yes, i would. i would be just like him probably look like him too,. >> reporter: do you dream of playing in the inaugural parade some day just like him? >> yeah, but it's going to be a lot of work so i'm going to, like, dream it then achieve it.
6:27 pm
>> reporter: at a young age with someone to lead the way, he now haltz the confidence to dream big. chip reid, cbs news washington. >> axelrod: and that is the cbs evening news for tonight. later on cbs "48 hours." for all of us here at cbs news i'm jim axelrod in new york. good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh live report from atlanta. "i walked out of the oval office yesterday and i had to have someone pinch me." from the bay area to the white house - for a once in a lifetime
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meeting in the oval office. we're live in washington d-c ahead of the second obama inauguration. and they called it "gun appreciation day." we'll take you to one of the rallies - here in our area. cbs five eyewitness news is next. good evening, i'm ann notarangelo. get beautyrest, posturepedic even tempur-pedic mattress sets at low clearance prices. and through monday get 3 years interest-free financing on selected models. don't miss sleep train's year end clearance sale. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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tomorrow - it will all be over... or - i good evening, i'm ann notarangelo. coy tower, bathed in 49er red tonight and this time tomorrow it will all be over or it will just be getting started. cbs 5's vern glenn is in atlanta where the 49ers are getting ready to face the falcons in the nfc


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